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What are the best vitamins to take during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the body prepares for breastfeeding and foetus’s development. The body goes through many physical and hormonal changes. Therefore, the mother needs to consume more foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to support the baby.

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet, along with getting enough sleep and exercise is an important aspect to looking after yourself and your baby during pregnancy.

Some prenatal vitamins needed to contribute to a healthy pregnancy are vitamin b12, vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, iron, folic acid and calcium. It is important to seek advice regarding what dose is needed before taking vitamins whilst pregnant.

Folic acid can prevent birth defects which affect the spinal chord and brain as these defects can happen early in pregnancy. Folic acid can be found in foods like leafy green vegetables, nuts and beans. 

Iron is also very important. It assists your body in making blood in order to supply oxygen to the foetus. 

Vitamin C deficiency among pregnant women may lead to serious health effects on the fetus’ brain. One study shows that vitamin C deficiency in the mother prevents a part of the baby’s brain which is responsible for memory from developing by about 10 to 15 percent.

Along with that, searching for a vitamin that contains vitamin D and calcium is important. Both vitamins help promote the development of the baby's teeth and bones.

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